The Arrival

︎ AnotherKind Playlist, Track 8. The African Inkspots, I'm Jealous of You, 1948



SILUMKO jumps off the back of the bakkie with his bag and approaches the house of his Auntie.

SILUMKO: Makazi? [Auntie?]

AUNTIE: Did you bring my water?

SILUMKO: Ewe, Makazi. [Yes, Auntie]

AUNTIE: 2 litre?

SILUMKO: Ewe, Makazi. [Yes, Auntie]

SILUMKO unzips his togbag and takes out the 2 litre bottle of sea water. AUNTIE takes it and inspects it.

AUNTIE: From which beach is it?

SILUMKO: Hamburg, Makazi.


AUNTIE: Tomorrow you must go with your cousin to the site. Ask there for a job. He's a good boy, Kholo. He will show you how things are there.


Kholo, yizobulisa UMzala wakho! [Kholo, come and greet your cousin!]

KHOLO enters. He and SILUMKO embrace awkwardly.

AUNTIE: Take care of him, Kholo. No funny things.

AUNTIE exits. KHOLO checks to see that his mother has left the room.

KHOLO: Beer?

SILUMKO: Thanks.


KHOLO: You're coming with me to work tomorrow?


KHOLO: You scared of hard work?

SILUMKO: No. I know what hard work is. I just need to understand and know what to do.

KHOLO: Ja, well. You will understand. It is not hard to learn. (he gets up to leave). You must shave. We are leaving here at 6.30. And you must be ready. I'm not waking you up.

KHOLO exits. SILUMKO lies down on the mattress, pulls a blanket over himself and tries to fall asleep. The CHORUS watches over him protectively.

CHORUS A: He can’t sleep, shame.

CHORUS B: Let’s give him a memory.

CHORUS A: A memory, ja! Which one?

CHORUS C: The beautiful one.