CHORUS A: Forward now, forward in time to the end of the story.

CHORUS B: The end? No, no, this is the beginning.


CHORUS: People arrive here with hope in their hearts that someone will be waiting for them / Some know exactly who will be there on the platform. But others think: who would ever wait for me? / This place seems hard, but there are a lot of gentle things happening here. / See there, in the corner, how sweetly those little girls share their packet of nik naks? / And look here at this gogo with her stick. She is meeting her grandchildren for the first time / Yes, it can be a very sad or a very joyful place, depending on whether you're coming or going. / If, like our young protagonist, you can't figure out whether you're doing the coming or the going, it can also be a place of mixed up feelings.

CHORUS A: (to Silu) Going home?

SILUMKO: Sort of.