The Mall of Africa


CHORUS A: Sunday!

CHORUS B: Free to do whatever we want!

CHORUS A: Where does Silu go on his day off?

CHORUS B: He goes to the place that has it all – food, drink, shelter –

CHORUS C: - protection from the elements, a place to rest when one is tired –

CHORUS B: Nature! Greenery, water features, no cars!

CHORUS: (together, reverentially) The Mall of Africa.

SILUMKO: What is this place?

VALERIA: Ugh. LUSH, ok, let me tell you about Lush… if you are someone who can’t handle strong smells, it is hell on earth –

SILUMKO: It’s very strong –

VALERIA: Strong is an understatement, try potent, it’s like Satan’s deodorant. (spotting her manager) Quick, act like you’re a customer. Ja, so of the bath bombs I love the Marshmellow World and the Oaty Creamy Dreamy, but if you’re in the market for something more earthy I recommend the Karma shower bomb with turmeric –

SILUMKO: He’s gone.

VALERIA: UGH, I’m so sick of this fucking mall, this mother ship of Capitalism –

SILUMKO: I like it. it’s quiet. Compared to outside. It’s very clean…You can just walk around without anyone bothering you... and you don’t have to shop. And it’s… glamorous. 


︎ Outtake, ‘Mall of Africa’.